Sunday, March 04, 2012

Galop Marche Played by ALL the Winners of the Dublin International Piano Competition

This performance of the Albert Lavignac Galop Marche is from the Piano Spectacular event of the Dublin International Piano Competition, featuring all seven winners since 1988:

Philippe Cassard (1988)
Pavel Nersessian (1991)
Davide Franceschetti (1994)
Max Levinson (1997)
Alexei Nabioulin (2000)
Antti Siirala (2003)
Romaine Descharmes (2006)

The seven are joined by John O'Conor, artistic director of the competition. My goodness, sixteen hands at two keyboards must make a lot of sound. BTW the next running of the Dublin International starts on May 4 - you can find the 2012 competitors here.

(Thanks, Sheila!)


  1. Erin Bennett7:14 AM

    Hilarious! Just performed this last night at the University of North Florida's annual Pianopalooza (with *only* 4 pianists!) Now I know how we can up the ante next year! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Erin - sounds like fun.