Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Valentina Lisitsa Plays Für Elise

What I like about Valentina Lisitsa's playing is not only her ease of motion and beautiful sound, but the sense that the focus of the performance is not on her, but on the music. Yes, she is arguably the most popular classical pianist on YouTube, although it depends on your definition of what comprises classical music. Her rise to stardom happened through the acclaim of YouTube viewers, who obviously found a pianist that they found genuinely engaging on computer and smartphone screens. I've played the following video for many of my students who are learning that pesky Für Elise, and in spite of the fact that she is probably a little exhausted (after having just played the Grieg Concerto with the Seoul Philharmonic) I find that she captures the style and mood of the piece most wonderfully.


  1. Great job, Valentina! I have been a fan for three years since my professor at ASU recommended you for your technique. I hope to meet you someday.

  2. Such a beautiful performance. I based my recording off hers. I like how she is so patient with the opening theme. I hope someday I am lucky enough to get to see her in action!

    Heres mine:


  3. Angela Charitsis11:45 AM

    I perfectly agree about the wonderful style and mood in this performance. But when I came accross this post, I couldn't help reflecting about what I read a few days ago here:

    Although the performance is generally good, we should at least mention to the students that she is not counting it the way it is supposed to be!

    1. Yes, I know she messed up the rhythm, but give her credit - she had just played a full concerto and was probably exhausted. Fur Elise was the encore!