Sunday, September 25, 2011

Michael Kelly and Jonathan Ware To Premiere Ben Moore's New Song Cycle October 24 at Merkin Hall

Joy in Singing will be presenting both its first Debut Artist Competition winner and a new American song cycle on October 24 at Merkin Hall in NYC. Baritone Michael Kelly and pianist Jonathan Ware will be premiering Ben Moore's Love Remained as part of their recital. Some information about Love Remained from the event's press release:
Ben Moore's Love Remained, explores the personal, social and political struggles of homosexuals through the texts of notable gay rights speeches by Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns, evangelist Oral Roberts' grandson Randy Robert Potts, both contributors to the It Gets Better Project, and renowned activist/politician Harvey Milk. The third song, from which the cycle takes its name, is a setting of a poem by Michael Kelly.

Mr. Kelly describes the cycle as, "...a love letter to the gay rights movement, a plea to young gay men and women to hold on and a thank you to all the people who work hard to spread that message."

Moore's cycle begins with the text, "It gets better" a powerful message and evident connection to the project started by relationship columnist Dan Savage, inspiring hope for young people facing harassment.

You can find a small clip of the cycle's second song Hold On at this Dropbox link.

The rest of the program features songs by Franz Schubert, Francis Poulenc, and other American composers. Tickets are $25, $15 for seniors, with students admitted free.

(Thanks Nate!)

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