Friday, August 05, 2011

31 Days to Better Practicing - The Free Ebook

If you're learning an instrument and you want to improve your playing, learn music, or get more enjoyment out of playing, the one thing you need to do above all else is practice. So begins the month-long Collaborative Piano Blog series on practicing that I wrote in the fall of 2007. Many musicians have difficulty in knowing how to structure their practice sessions, and much of my writing has been an attempt to help them discover a more engaging practice process.

I'm pleased to announce that 31 Days to Better Practicing is now an ebook available to everyone at no cost. Head on over to my Posterous site Scribd page, where you can either view the ebook online or download your own copy.


  1. The Posterous link doesn't work anymore. Could you please reupload it to some other location?

    1. I just updated the post - thanks.