Monday, June 27, 2011

JS Bach Battle Royal w/Argerich, Kissin, Levine, and Pletnev

Bach's Concerto for 4 Harpsichords BWV 1065 was based on Vivaldi's Concerto for 4 Violins in B minor RV 580 from L'Estro Armonico. So rather than say Bach plagiarized it from Vivaldi (or worse yet, the politically neutral "after" Vivaldi), let's use the dense yet ubercool contemporary DJ nomenclature, ideal for parsing the different strands of a work's evolution:

Vivaldi 4V Concerto (JS Bach H-chord remix) feat. Argerich/Kissin/Levin/Pletnev w/Verbier FestOrch

(Via Eileen Huang)


  1. I played this in uni with 3 other students, using 4 horrible practice room upright pianos, no string players ...... and it was still goose bumpy. LOVE this piece!

  2. I just saw a performance of this last month actually. AMAZING. Bach is just a genius. Bravo!
    Devin H
    Yamaha P155