Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Call for Singers in the Toronto Area: CADS - The Audition Experience

For singers these days, it's all about auditions. All those years of lessons, coachings, and preparation boil down into the few moments that directors see your head shot, resume, and (if you're lucky) audition. If you need to sing some auditions in the coming months and need some added perspective on how to excel at this awkward rite of passage, the Continuous Artistic Development Studio (CADS for short) is offering The Audition Experience, a two-day workshop featuring Renee Salewski, Anthony Cleverton, and Allyson Devenish.

What the program offers:
It is essential. It feels artificial. And let’s face it, most of us tend to feel deeply unsatisfied afterward. 
It is in your best interest to become one of the best auditionees in the business.

Learn ways to mentally prepare for whatever is asked of and thrown at you by yourself and others. Find out what is really expected of you. Get some insider dos and don’ts. Discover what happens AFTER you leave the room. And ask how you can present yourself in the best light by making what are sometimes very small changes to the way you approach this necessary evil!... Oh. Sorry. Event. Necessary event.
The Audition Experience will be running on May 21-22 at a location TBC in the Toronto area (stay tuned for an update) and you can send an email to reneesalewski [at] me dot com for more info. The cost is only $150 for the two days and registration will be limited to 16 singers.

Update: Renee has just confirmed the location. It will be at the Cheshire Unicorn, 38 Abell Street, Toronto, just south of the Drake Hotel. You can find the location here.

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