Monday, May 09, 2011

Aaron Rosand and Robert Koenig Play Chopin

The Chopin C# minor posthumous Nocturne, arranged for violin and piano by Nathan Milstein, performed by violinist Aaron Rosand and pianist Robert Koenig (who teachers collaborative piano at UCSB):

(Via Musical Assumptions)


  1. I like this version much better than Chopin's piano version - not so much the way it sounds (works great on piano and violin), but I don't like the quirky B section in the piano version that sounds like Chopin never finished it.

    That is: starting around 1:57 here.

    Do you know if Milstein rewrote that part or if it comes from some other piano edition? I thought I'd heard a pianist play a Milstein-esque version years ago, but may have imagined it, as I've accompanied the Milstein version many times.

  2. Yes, it's one of the most puzzling sections in all of the Chopin Nocturnes. It's a, it's a, it's a....cadenza's a Nocturne again.