Friday, April 29, 2011

Adjudicating (and Eating) in Edmonton

View from the hotel balcony
In case you're wondering why I haven't posted since the Easter break, it's because I've been adjudicating piano classes at the Edmonton Kiwanis Festival. This has been a fascinating week, and I've heard a lot of fine young pianists with lots of promise. But what made adjudicating so special this time around is that for nearly all the Grades 4-6 classes that I judged, the pianists had new and interesting repertoire. Very rarely did I hear the same piece twice, and I think that this variety of repertoire reflected well on both the teachers (who showed inventiveness and creativity in choosing unique rep) and students (who were inspired by some truly fine music).

Then again, I wasn't thinking about music for the entire time - here are photos from some of the places I managed to visit in the last few days.

Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall

Pirate ship at West Edmonton Mall

Wiener Schnitzel at Bistro Praha

Croque-monsieur at Queen of Tarts

Carrot cake at Queen of Tarts

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