Sunday, March 20, 2011

Win Two Free Tickets to Opening Night of Opera Lyra's Lucia di Lammermoor in Ottawa

On Saturday, March 26th, Ottawa's Opera Lyra will be presenting Lucia di Lammermoor, the final production of their season at the National Arts Centre. My wife, Wendy Hatala Foley, will be singing the role of Alisa, alongside Lyubov Petrova, Marc Hervieux, Greg Dahl, Robert Pomakov, Graham Thompson and Nils Brown with the National Arts Centre Orchestra conducted by Tyrone Paterson. The production is directed by Henry Akina. Since I'm back to my regular teaching schedule for the rest of the month, I'll be unable to catch the opening night.


Wendy, in her awesomeness, has kindly offered her two orchestra-level comps to two lucky Collaborative Piano Blog readers. Yes, it's time for another ticket giveaway!

As usual, there will be a contest, and Wendy will be judging the entries in order to determine the winner.

Competition Rules and Regulations

1. Write a short synopsis of Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor in 140 characters or less. Be inventive, clever, cunning, witty, or snide. Just be aware you have only 140 characters in which to tell the story of the opera.

2. Once you've written the pint-sized synopsis, you have to do two things:

a) Email it to me at collaborativepiano [at] gmail dot com - this is so I can reach the authors of the winning entries.
b) Leave it as a comment on this posting so readers can follow the contest entries as they appear.

3. The deadline for entries is Thursday, March 24 at 12pm EDT. Once the contest closes, I'll email Wendy all the entries. Later that evening, I'll announce the winner in an update to this post and email them on how to pick up their two complimentary tickets on Saturday night for the Lucia opening at the Naitonal Arts Centre.

4. Note to Twitter users: if you're entering the competition and you want to rebroadcast your entry on Twitter, be sure to also leave your entry BOTH as a blog comment below this entry and email me in addition to your tweet.

5. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can either comment anonymously or invent a nom de plume for your comment. Just be sure to send me your real email address when you submit your entry to my email address (see 2a).

6. Warning to #operaplot junkies: yes, I follow the contest every year. Below are the Lucia di Lammermoor entries for #operaplot 2010. Anyone sending in the following #operaplot 2010 entries or anything resembling them will be disqualified from the contest:
Third Lady – enrico ashton requests the pleasure of your company at the wedding of his sister, lucia, and lord arthur…oh, never mind...  
Hariclea – Castle-ghost competition following Scottish wedding. Candidates: dead crazy bride, murdered groom, suicide-ex-boyfriend 
Olivia Giovetti -Fragile lass wanders Ravenswood like a ghost. Two marriages later, becomes ghost. Husband No. 1 follows suit for heavenly reunion 
Pierce Lumpkin -Jilted lovers: Man- mope in graveyard, kill self. Woman- marry other guy, go crazy, kill him, sing crazy song, kill self. 
Otterhous – For sale: Wedding ring, never used. Address: Ravenswood, Scotland.
I would like to express heartfelt thanks both to Wendy Hatala Foley and Opera Lyra for kindly making these tickets available to readers of the Collaborative Piano Blog. Best of luck to everyone!

Update: Congratulations to Vicki Mavraganis aka @coolgreekgirl, who has just won the two tickets to Saturday's Lucia opening!


  1. Suspect: Lucia (deceased). Location: Ravenswood. Offenses: three counts of death. Verdict: not guilty by reason of insanity.

  2. Thanks Carolyn! Less than 24 hours to go...

  3. Innocent maiden forced into second marriage, turns into black widow, loses mind, former lover commits suicide, Normanno blamed!