Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Roe Play Michael Jackson's Billie Jean

80's enthusiasts will love practicing their moonwalk to this amazing duet transcription of Billie Jean by the Anderson & Roe piano duo...


  1. Anonymous9:35 PM

    I feel super old as I type this... but I actually enjoyed the sound of this more than the video. I don't need dancing, sunglasses, suddenly a black and white shot. Even my friend who just glanced at the screen and said: "what's that?" immediately said: "what's with the dancing and the sunglasses?"... I just need good music performed well and would rather see the people playing than all that camera jazz.

    It's awesome music-- not classical music--but it is virtuoso pianists playing a Steinway.... Is a visual representation like this where all types of music videos are headed? I hope not.

  2. Thanks, anonymous. Like it or not, classical music performance is increasingly headed in a visual direction.

  3. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Fabulous.... and as both a visual and auditory person, I approve (dancing and all), because music was made to move us in every direction, way, and form.

    ~ Noreen, Piano Teacher in Canada

  4. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Great video. I loved their Libertango from a couple years ago and this shows they're still thinking creativity. Classical music has got to stop taking itself so seriously and it's artists like these who can help make that happen.