Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sometimes People Just Don't Get It

I've seen a good number of Xtranormal videos popping up in the last few days (these are text-to-movie cartoons made out of self-written dialogue). Among the arts-related videos, two of them stand out for singers and pianists. Many of us playing musical theater auditions have been put in this position:

You Should Take Voice Lessons sums it up for all those over-educated, under-utilized singers performing at a world-class level and having to put up with morons on a daily basis who haven't got the faintest clue how much work goes into the development of a professional opera singer:


  1. Alice8:10 AM

    Too funny!

  2. I read this on my HTC via Google Reader, and it stripped away the videos. Most appropriate ad placement ever, though: (screenshot from phone)

    I laughed.

  3. AAAHHHHH!!! That is my LIFE living in small town Ontario! I *wish* I could add stripper to the list but alas, I am not a subrette :-)