Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from the Collaborative Piano Blog

As I sit here sipping a festive glass of Polish bison grass vodka, I would like to wish every one of you all the best for the next stage of your musical journey. May you combine the richness of of genuine artistic discovery with the satisfaction of financial success. May you build on your strengths and recognize your weaknesses. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, so I hope you have the courage to take that step, persevere, and reach your goals. Success takes many forms, and may yours bring new growth to the musical field as well as the realization of just how important you are to the musical community.

Best wishes for a safe, healthy, and profitable 2011 from the Collaborative Piano Blog!


  1. And Happy New Year to you, too, Chris! I don't do much accompanying, but make my living from music, and enjoy your blog very much.

  2. Hey cool, another Zubrowka fan! I got to know that stuff from the apartment of Polish students that lived down the street from me while I was living in Salzburg. Haven't had it in ages.

    Happy New Year! (I'm a bit behind, just catching up on my RSS feeds :-)

    Grant Charles Chaput

  3. Thanks Grant - it's pretty amazing stuff.