Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Collaborative Piano Blog is 5

In early November 2005, my schedule had an odd anomaly in it: almost a week with no rehearsals or concerts. This ended up being the perfect time to collect some handouts, writings, and compilations I had previously used for classes and workshops on collaborative piano and republish them as a blog project. Little did I know that over the next five years, this project would take over my life and develop a huge membership to become one of the world's largest blogs on the art of the piano, classical music, and music education.

As my schedule gets busier, I find it harder to have the emotional space to write articles and spend quality writing time. Nevertheless, so many of the opportunities that have presented themselves to me over the last few years have come about either directly or indirectly from this blog, so I'm always thinking of ways that I can continue the kind of content that has above all helped to expand the scope and prominence of the collaborative piano profession. In the next while, I will be starting a slightly new direction in the blog: interviews. At the Bay Street Indigo, I will be talking with Anna Goldsworthy about her Piano Lessons: A Memoir. Stay tuned for the full interview in the coming days.

I would also like to thank everyone who has supported and advised the direction of the Collaborative Piano Blog over the years, including Kim Witman (whose blog was the very first to link here), Jean Barr, Rena Sharon, Jan Grimes, Allison Gagnon, Ken Griffiths, and Margo Garrett. A huge thank also goes out to regular readers, including those who keep up via Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed, email subscription or visit the site directly. I'm also humbled by the sheer volume of traffic: over 500,000 page views, over 254,000 visits, 1185 RSS subscribers, and 1288 fans on Facebook. Thanks for your support and I look forward to the next five years on the Collaborative Piano Blog!


  1. Congrats, Chris! You've certainly done a fabulous job with this blog. I enjoy keeping up with it!

  2. Chris-
    Thank you and congratulations. Your blog has become a sterling model for the rest of us-a reminder of what one person can do to touch the minds and lives and work of so many others in the field.

  3. Thanks Natalie! Thanks Wayne!

  4. Happy birthday, collaboration piano blog :)