Monday, November 15, 2010

The 2011 WTO Aria Frequency List

Every year, Kim Witman posts a list of the most frequently heard arias from the Wolf Trap Opera audition tour. While the list is not a barometer of the most strategic arias to offer in auditions (which will differ for every single singer), it has proven invaluable for pianists in being able to gauge which arias one should learn in order to develop a complete operatic repertoire. The 2011 aria frequency list boasts its own page on the WTO site, with soprano and mezzo soprano results collated so far, and tenor, bass-baritone/bass, and countertenor lists to follow shortly. Stay tuned for updates when the rest of the aria inventory comes online...

Update 11/17 10:19pm: Kim Witman sends word that aria frequency lists for all of the voice types are now online in pdf format. This should be standard reference material for every collaborative piano studio, so download and print as soon as possible!


  1. Thanks, Chris. The tenor, baritone, and bass lists are now up. I've changed them all to PDF links so they're downloadable.

    Once we finish auditions, I'll amend these to reflect the starter arias of choice for each voice type. (A bit more indicative of what a pianist would find walking in the door of a typical audition.)

    Sure hope pianists can use these. When I was starting out and plowing my way through the anthologies, I sure could've used some help prioritizing :)


  2. Thanks Kim - the post has been updated!