Friday, September 24, 2010

Pianos 'Round Town: Wild Pianos Roam the Streets of Ypsilanti Until October 11

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If you live anywhere near the Ann Arbor-Detroit corridor in eastern Michigan, you'll want to check out Pianos 'Round Town in downtown Ypsilanti. Based on the Play Me I'm Yours concept, this is an opportunity for anyone to just sit down at one of these urban pianos and start playing. I particularly like the way that the Pianos 'Round Town project is bringing the arts, academia, and community businesses together. From Jenn McKee's article:
Steinway Gallery offered the use of recent trade-in practice pianos from Western Michigan University for the event, and the Depot Town Association got involved as a sponsor. Participating local businesses — which will wheel out a piano each morning during the event and wheel it back indoors at night — are motorcycle shop CafĂ© Racer; Nelson Amos Studio, where there will be one piano indoors and one outdoors; Clover Computers; Ypsi Food Co-op; The Mix; LezleyAnne/David Austin Studio; and the Ypsi Convention Business Bureau.

But in addition to playing these outdoor pianos, passersby will also be invited to decorate the piano stationed outside the Nelson Amos Studio, at 23 E. Cross St. Paint and brushes will be provided, and a sign will invite you to “Paint Me, Play Me.” (The piano will be coated in Kilz, a white primer; and because Hancherlian-Amos’ husband is an artist, she suspects that he will be among the first to participate.)

“This is about getting people together,” said Hancherlian-Amos. “Getting people to get off their couches and come out, with the whole family or on your own, and play. … And it’s not just a soloist thing. If you play the saxophone, get a pianist to come out with you. … I just want the streets filled with music.”
You can see some of these pianos in action over the next few weeks on the Pianos 'Round Town YouTube channel.

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