Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Bösendorfer Artisan Model 180

Bosendorfer Artisan model 180The Artisan Model is one of Bösendorfer's custom pianos from their special model line. About the Artisan Model's discreet floral ornamentation:

As long ago as the second millennium BC, inlaid work featuring geometric and figurative designs was produced in the Orient as facing for very special objects. The design hallmark of the Artisan is its discreet floral ornamentation worked – by hand, of course – with a variety of excellent woods such as walnut, maple, pear-wood, cherry-wood, mahogany, aruba and burr amboyna.

For as long as anyone can remember, creative minds in all walks of life have grappled with art’s great mystery and the question of what makes art art?

The Bösendorfer Artisan model could – by its very name – symbolise the quest for the great mystery of art.

If you were put one of these in your living room, you would definitely need to make some wise decisions regarding the rest of the room's decor. Another view:

Bosendorfer Artisan model 180

(Via high end piano guy on Flickr)


  1. Thanks for the reference, Chris. Great site too. Sorry to have missed you during my last trip to Toronto.

  2. Gorgeous.

    If I were to have this in my living room, dealing with the rest of the decor would be a pleasure.