Monday, August 30, 2010

Steve Danyew's Come Home featuring Ashley Morgan Garofalo

Steve Danyew's Come Home for alto saxophone and piano actually started its life as a work for viola and piano. Steve writes:
The music of Come Home is an extraction from the second movement of my work "Fantasies for Viola and Piano." The music of that second movement is quite song-like, and in the summer of 2008 I decided to create a work for mezzo soprano and piano based on a section of the movement. Contrary to the viola work, which features additional contrasting material not used in the vocal arrangement, the song version is essentially in strophic form. After writing the song for mezzo soprano and piano, I thought that it would work well as a saxophone and piano duo. Thus, this version is a transcription of an arrangement of an original composition of mine.
This performance with composer/saxophonist Steve Danyew and Ashley Morgan Garofalo on piano is a gem and worth listening to the full 8+ minutes. Congratulations are in order for Ashley, who starts her first college position at Fitchburg State College this fall. Ashley is also a blogger, and her music, poetry, arts [transcribed] should have a permanent place in your RSS subscriptions.

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