Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Search for Babe Ruth's Piano

Apparently, Baseball legend Babe Ruth not only owned a piano, but he pushed it into Willis Pond in Sudbury, Massachusetts in 1918:
Kevin Kennedy has been on the case for about 10 years, since he moved close to Willis Pond, where the famous Red Sox pitcher owned a cabin. According to legend, Ruth pushed the piano onto the frozen pond in 1918 during a party.
To make matters worse, it appears that Ruth was not the only person to have pushed a piano into the lake - according to the Boston Globe article, two other dudes claimed to have done the same thing in 1973.

Might that be a local tradition?


  1. A search of the Sudbury newspaper archives might be in order...

  2. what a great story! I love hearing about the random things people do at parties. Rich people I mean.

  3. From what I've heard about the salaries of baseball players pre-1920, I doubt that Babe Ruth was rich at that point in his career. The money came later when he played for the Yankees.