Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Follow...no...Join....er.....Like the Collaborative Piano Blog Facebook Page

Not all the action on the Collaborative Piano Blog is actually on the blog these days. Join Like the CPB's Facebook Page (with 1100 fans and counting) and you'll see a lot of stuff that won't end up here. Many of you will have by now heard about the hilarious Parker's Practice Tips series by University of Toronto faculty member and Gryphon Trio pianist James Parker. Since he uploads his videos to Facebook, they're only viewable within its walled garden. As of tonight, I've added Out of Tune Piano and Lieder Translations Parts 1 and 2, with many more to come in the next few days.

I've also recently discovered that there are several key figures in the collaborative piano field who secretly read CPB articles in their free time, but who won't join Facebook because it would "send the wrong signal" or "damage their standing in the profession". Never fear, all is not lost. Here's what you can do: simply ask one of your students to log into Facebook between lessons so that they can visit the CPB Facebook page and watch the videos. Then ask them to go to People for the Ethical Treatment of Accompanists for the really lurid horror stories of the pianist's life...

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