Friday, May 07, 2010

The Diction Police, a Podcast for Singers and Coaches

Having you recently been cited for an idiomatic violation by voicing that bilabial fricative in the wrong place? A new podcast might be able to help. The Diction Police is the brainchild of Dresden-based vocal coach Ellen Rissinger. The Diction Police's goal: enhance singers’ study of diction by hearing the text of songs and arias spoken by native speakers, to give a broad range of opinions from native speakers on their own language, and to give singers practical tools for practicing and learning foreign languages.
A noble cause indeed. Here are DP's podcasts to date:
  • Episode 1: Heidenröslein and Der Gärtner with Nadja Mchantaf and Hans Sotin.
  • Episode 2: Italian art songs and a discussion with Fabio Centanni.
  • Episode 3: three Zauberflöte arias and a discussion of [ä], [r], and the German schwa.
  • Episode 4: Gretchen am Spinnrade with Netta Or, Die Post with Markus Marquardt, and a discussion with Hans Sotin.
  • Episode 5: Nathalie de Montmollin on Fauré and an interview with Philip Shepard
  • Episode 6: Offenbach and Schumann with Stephanie Atanasov and Markus Marquardt, and diphthongs with Markus Henn.


  1. Brilliant!!!

    Great to see you today at the RCM!!

  2. Likewise! Wish I could have stuck around to chat, but I had a full afternoon of students to teach...

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