Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Toy Piano Composers Present Unusual Suspects April 23rd in Toronto

Elisha Denburg, Chris Thornborrow, Christian Floisand, Fiona Ryan, Igor Correia, Nancy Tam, Dan Brophy, Glenn James and Monica Clorey are The Toy Piano Composers, a collective of toy-piano-obsessed composers who will be presenting Unusual Suspects on April 23rd at 8pm in the Heliconian Hall.

What will make this concert different from any other you've seen lately is that you won't initially known which composers wrote which works on the program. You'll have to guess, based on their style. From the Toy Piano Composers' press release:
Unusual Suspects is the TPC’s most conceptually ambitious to date – the concert is a “composer scramble” whereby the audience members will be invited to figure out which composer wrote which piece, with clues as guidance. “We wanted to take advantage of the fact that our composers are so different and celebrate their diversity instead of trying to box them in,” Clorey explains, “So our one stipulation to the composers was for them to write music that was stereotypically ‘them’. And now we get to have fun with it – we plan on accusing them of things like ‘excessive development’, ‘reliance on repeated rhythmic patterns’, and sentence them appropriately.”
Unusual Suspects starts at 8pm on Friday, April 23 at the Heliconian Hall, 35 Hazelton Avenue, in the Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto. Tickets are $15 door/$10 advance.

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