Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lots of Free Resources at Music Tech Teacher

This evening, one of my student's parents introduced me to Music Tech Teacher, a huge compendium of free music education resources started by Karen Garrett (a 2006 Time Teacher of the Year!) for her work with the students at Central Park School in Birmingham, Alabama. Here some of the major pages at MTT, each of which contains a huge number of links:
  • Home
  • General info - some fascinating reading here, with a story of the program, information about funding sources, equipment, and activities
  • Student work - free MP3's of compositions recorded by students in the program. Some incredible listening here.
  • Lessons - curriculum information about the program
  • Quizzes, Games and Music Help - this is a huge resource, where you'll find well over 100 quizzes and games for various facets of music learning, as well as some valuable information sheets
  • Worksheets for Young Musicians - over 50 resources here.
  • Links - a huge list of links to other music education resources, products, and people.
Kudos to Karen for the enormous amount of time that has gone into this project!

(Thanks for the heads-up, Miriana!)

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