Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Collaborative Piano Blog Is Now IE6 Compliant

Update: Happy April Fool's Day, everyone! This prank does have some basis in reality, since CPB does actually render on IE6, albeit after a somewhat lugubrious loading time. Stay tuned for another April Fool's prank in 2011, for which I've already begun the planning process.

1 April 2010

TORONTO, Canada. (April 1, 2010) - Following in the footsteps of a major redesign in mid-March, the Collaborative Piano Blog announced today that for the first time, it is now fully IE6 compliant.

With its beginnings as a blog about the service of accompanying singers and tuba players, the Collaborative Piano Blog has previously been directed towards a small audience segment, focusing on anarchistic users of Firefox, Opera (European Socialists), Google Chrome (computer scientists), Safari (hippies), and advanced experimental releases of Internet Explorer 7 and 8 (graduate students).

However, up until this time, no design of the Collaborative Piano Blog has been specifically geared for the mainstream of corporate and recreational internet users, most of whom use Internet Explorer 6, one of the most reliable stable, and long-lasting browsers ever created.

"As we move into the 21st century, technology is increasingly becoming a part of our lives as musicians", said Collaborative Piano Blog founder Chris Foley from downtown Toronto. "We're seeing accompanists and music teachers embracing technology to an amazing extent. I know of several teachers who organize their studios via hand-held cellular phones or electronic mail, have abandoned windup metronomes in favor of electric ones, and record their schedule onto a computerized device such as the Apple Newton."

"No longer will the Collaborative Piano Blog be solely geared towards people who accompany for fun, double-reed enthusiasts, or twelve-tone composers. Moving forward, we're looking to leverage the power of Internet Explorer 6 and its support of internet security and modern web standards to create vast new opportunities for the world of the piano in ensemble, and the piano in real life."

The Collaborative Piano Blog is an independent music blog written by Toronto-based pianist and teacher Chris Foley. Click here to discover more about how to purchase Internet Explorer 6.