Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Susan Tomes' Out of Silence Will Be Released Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the launch date of Susan Tomes' new book Out of Silence, which chronicles a year in the life of one of Britain's top pianists and chamber musicians. Susan is known for her work with the Florestan Trio and Domus, as well as two previous books, to name only a few of her many projects. She also writes a wonderful blog which should be on the recommended reading list of any collaborative pianist. From the Amazon blurb:
Out of Silence is a diary of a year in Susan Tomes's life as a performer. Taking as its inspiration Schumann's remark that 'I am affected by everything that goes on in the world, and I think it all over in my own way', it aims to show how a working musician mulls over and draws energy from the events of everyday life. We follow this internationally renowned pianist as she prepares for concerts and performs, both as a soloist and as part of a chamber ensemble; we experience the highs and lows of practising and the challenges of live performance, we see her planning masterclasses and interacting with both musicians and audiences. She casts her mind back to her childhood - practicing before school on cold Edinburgh mornings, playing 'Danny Boy' for a relative - and reflects on paintings, dance, books, sport and gardening. 
Look for a review of Out of Silence in the coming weeks. Until then, be sure to raise a glass to Susan at 6pm GMT tomorrow...

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