Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Call for Staff Pianists: Meadowmount School of Music

Allison Gagnon, Director of the Collaborative Piano Program at the University of North Carolina School for the Arts, sends along the following information regarding several staff pianist positions that are opening up for this summer at the Meadowmount School of Music in Westport, New York:
The Meadowmount School of Music is augmenting its piano staff for this summer's session (June 26 to August 14) and I wanted to get the word out so that we assemble the strongest staff possible.

The seven-week session provides an intense learning environment for ca. 200 students in violin, viola, cello, and piano. The professional piano staff works with a large number of the string students towards performances in masterclasses and public concerts. The level of activity is such that those on the piano staff should come with a combination of extensive experience in the string repertoire (that means all the major concertos, as well as a considerable amount of sonata and other recital repertoire) and the ability to learn very quickly any repertoire they do not know.

I've spent more than ten summers on the Meadowmount piano staff. It's a demanding job, but it's also very rewarding, and it takes place on a rustic campus set in the heart of Adirondack State Park, but close to Burlington, VT, Lake Placid, NY, and Montreal, Quebec. Individual piano studio space, housing, and meals are all provided together with a reasonable salary for the seven weeks. Staff assignments are coordinated by Eric Larsen, piano faculty at Meadowmount, who is also the new Interim Director of the School for 2010.

All pianists who are available and qualified for a summer position at Meadowmount should send their up-to-date repertoire list (for violin, viola and cello only) and a resume of related professional training and experience to gagnona [at] uncsa dot edu. All appropriate submissions will then go to Mr. Larsen, who will follow up with particulars of the summer's work.

For more information about the school's history and summer program, please go to We hope to attract some great new piano staff members! The summer is most enjoyable and successful for everyone when we assemble an indefatigable team of pianists!
Thanks Allison, and I hope that you get some quality applicants for the positions from the ranks of the CPB readership!

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