Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sharing the Accompanist Love on Twitter

This is the time of year when collaborative pianists across the planet go out of their way to bring that extra level of commitment to concerts, operas, recitals, auditions, rehearsals, recording sessions and juries. Following are some tweeted acknowledgements of pianists, anonymous or otherwise, who have gone beyond the call of duty in the last while....
  • frlady is thrilled with rehearsals for La Boheme chorus. Excellent singers.. great choir director and superb accompanist. (@NYinCALI)
  • @kikimikkelsen wouldn't it be great to just sit and drink straight whisky and chain smoke with that accompanist debra and watch it? (@heardintheatrium)
  • I'm so excited. today is my first day playing my violin concerto with an accompanist. It took a long time to get to this point! (@SoNotPatty)
  • I need to go to bed! Late rehearsal but always great convo with my buddy/musician accompanist @garyarthuryoung (@KhadijahOnline)
  • Just got done with the accompanist. Went fairly well, she said she adores my playing and loves the vast improvements each year. (@Bretticus2424)
  • i feel so relieved! i have an accompanist for the trumpet recital! yay! (@chrkuhl28)
  • Fingers crossed for a good last rehearsal w/ our accompanist today. (@EBHChorus)
  • I just had my first "Defying Gravity" rehearsal with my accompanist. I feel like I've been doing sit ups. @ChrisColfer makes it look easy. (@shannancy)
  • Note to self: 'quite spiffy' is not a very helpful description of tempo for an accompanist. (@jodiekearns)
  • You must love a staff accompanist who is so willing to stretch her own playing to help me stretch a student's playing. Yay courage! (@lhbflute)
  • Thank god. My accompanist is fantastic. (@spamelson)
  • Thomas our accompanist JUST MADE MY LIFE. (@CaitlinMalmedal)
(Via the dreaded accompanist search on Twitter)

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