Friday, February 05, 2010

Greetings to Trinity Western Students

Welcome to all the students in Suzanne Klukas' new collaborative piano class at Trinity Western University! I'm looking forward to talking to you via Skype this afternoon (still morning in BC). In case you haven't yet found your way around, you might want to check out the Monster List of 100+ Resources on the Collaborative Piano Blog for an introduction. And be sure to either become a fan on Facebook or subscribe via RSS reader or email.


  1. Hah,

    I performed with Suzanne when she first came to TWU. I did Schoene Mullerin, and really enjoyed working with her. I only wish I could have done it now, as a slightly more mature artist.

    Good for her for starting a CP class. TWU needed it when I was there.

  2. Thanks, Beach Bum. It's everyone's gain at TWU now that Suzy has the class running!

  3. Thanks Chris for taking the time to skype our class. I really appreciated hearing about your experiences as a collaborative musician and your diverse career. Once again thanks for this blog , it is such a great resource!