Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Follow Me on Google Buzz

Google was pretty quick in rolling out Google Buzz this afternoon - I've already got it, and several people on my Gmail contact list also have it too. In case you're interested in reading both Collaborative Piano Blog updates and other interesting stuff I uncover on the web via Buzz, you can follow me via my Google Profile.

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  1. Yes. I completely agree with you. I also enjoy the "Google Buzz" thing. I am also happy that most people I know who have GMail, have gotten this too. Let us continue embracing the wonders of music and keep up a more open communication line in sharing thoughts and experiences in teaching music. Well, I always bear in mind that creativity and fun are necessary in education so as not to bore our students. Please keep on posting contents on some useful music teachers resources. Thanks again and more power. Have a nice weekend! Cheers!