Thursday, December 17, 2009

Examining in Ohio

This week I'm examining for the National Music Certificate Program in Cincinnati, Ohio (West Chester, to be precise). The terrible internet connection in my hotel room resulted in a frantic search for fast and free wifi in the neighborhood. Fortunately, I discovered a Barnes & Noble location a few minutes from my hotel, so the B&N Starbucks is now the location of my regular West Chester office hours until Sunday.

What makes this experience memorable is that I'm examining in the performance space at Premier Pianos, which features a brand-new out-of-the-factory Steinway D Concert Grand. It's a rare experience indeed for these young pianists to have the chance to play a world-class instrument for their exams, so thanks go out to Greg Kottmann for making the space and piano available.

I've also quickly become addicted to Skyline Chili's 3-way chili and coneys (thanks to a recommendation from Jan Grimes). If you have any other tips on great Cincinnati restaurants and hangouts, post your comments now, as I'm only in town until Sunday...


  1. Anonymous8:36 PM


    Yes, Skyline is a must-experience in Cincinnati. There are some truly great restaurants in the city--especially if you make it downtown. Mesh in West Chester is good, but quite pricey--if you get downtown or to some surrounding communities, here are some options:


  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Anonymous. There's a Mesh around the corner from where I am now - I'll check it out at lunch tomorrow and report back.

  3. Oops - I meant THE Mesh (probably not a chain).

  4. There is definitely something to be said about a new Steinway piano. I am glad they were able to perform on Steinway concert grand. They will remember that for a long time.