Monday, November 02, 2009

Collaborative Piano Studies at The Boston Conservatory

The Boston Conservatory is offering a new Master of Music Degree in Collaborative Piano for the 2010-11 academic year. Created by Karl Paulnack (whom many will know from his now-legendary freshman address) the program will start small, accepting only two students for each of the first two years of the program. This program and its curriculum aims to prepare pianists with concrete skills for the professional world, as the Outcome Proficiencies suggest:

  • Partner a vocalist or instrumentalist in recital, or in advanced study situations, such as a high-profile master class

  • Prepare an operatic score sufficiently to partner a conductor in staging, musical or coaching rehearsal

  • Play a piano rehearsal for a soloist and conductor of a symphony orchestra

  • Command language proficiency sufficient to permit an informed rubato and accurate ensemble, and continue to grow towards fluency or near-fluency in the major art song languages

  • Collaborative Piano Degree Program at The Boston Conservatory
    Complete list of Degree and Diploma Programs in Collaborative Piano


    1. The correct link to Dr. Paulnack's freshman address is

      It would be greatly appreciated if this were corrected.

    2. Thanks, Chris. However, the link you posted goes to Dr. Paulnack's bio rather than the address. The original link no longer works and has been removed.