Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Makes a Fabulous Audition Pianist?

The yearly audition tour at Wolf Trap Opera is underway, and Kim Witman's observations on the audition process are once again required reading for both singers and pianists. Kim's latest post on the subject looks at important things to consider when choosing and working with an audition pianist:

We realize that the audition pianist is a variable that changes from company to company, from day to day, from location to location. Safest to let go of whatever expectation you may have. Control the variables you can. The pianist is not one of them. So, best to think slightly conservatively.

If you're kind of new at this audition stuff, you don't need a lot of curves thrown at you. Bring a pianist (preferably a good one, please...) if some of your rep is non-standard. But be sure that your pianist can play your rep better than a typical company-provided pianist. I've seen too many singers undone by their own colleagues.
Your Audition Partner at the Piano


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  2. it must be audition season!!!! My blog has an audition pianist post too...