Friday, August 21, 2009

Stage Management FAIL + Epic Parenting FAIL = Educational Experience WIN

The sudden disappearance of a concert-going couple's child all turns out for the best, thanks to the intervention of the evening's headline pianist in this Foundation for a Better Life public service commercial.

(Via Sound Mind)


  1. i'm teary-eyed.

    (yeah ... what IS wrong with me?)

  2. Chris, this is so good. I wonder if it is based on a real event. I know if I were that kid, I will feel so inspired to continue studying music.

  3. YES! Be teary-eyed. If only every professional was this supportive of up-and-coming talent! I see this as a challenge to teachers to inspire this amount of love for their instrument and for professionals to nurture young musicians of ALL levels. Music is a right to all of us. Encouragement at all levels is needed...

  4. Yes, inspiration and encouragement at all levels. Thus I was pleased to read in today's newspaper an article about Nora the Cat's Catcerto and all the fame and glamour that are now accompanying the dear feline. The article concluded with a story about a 13-year-old girl who had quit piano, but after watching Nora, decided to start lessons again. Yay, Nora.

  5. Pianoman10:53 AM

    This story is a myth usually attributed to the pianist Paderewsky.