Friday, July 17, 2009

Thx #followfriday

A huge thanks to @pianogeek, @eusebius24, @rachelvelarde, @gracepiano, @pkpiano, @arsaureum, @docudramaqueen, @DinaPianoStudio, and @TexasDutchie (whose hilarious self-correction appears on the image on the left) for the kind #followfriday wishes on Twitter. In case you're new to the social media phenomenon Twitter, be sure to follow everyone on the above list if you're interested in networking with some awesome people in the arts. And don't forget to follow me on Twitter as well.


  1. Hi Chris! OK, I took your advice, & am now "following" everyone on your list. Looks like I'm in for a good time! Tks.

  2. LOL, I love it! Looks like we might be hearing you about this collaborative piano terminology. Thanks for the list of people to follow, too.

  3. Chris: Anytime. I don't always have the time to thoroughly scour the Blog, but it is looking great, and I always catch up when I get email updates. Cheers, and keep up the great work!

    -John Mannos

  4. "time to thoroughly scour the Blog"

    Really? Does my blog really need that much cleaning? ;)