Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Collaborative Piano Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara

The Music Department at the University of California at Santa Barbara offers several degrees in collaborative piano:
The Bachelor of Music in Piano Accompanying has little information online aside from the course requirements. The Master of Music in Piano Accompanying has more substantial information, including the following audition requirements:
PIANO SOLO: A complete sonata or major virtuosic work from any historical period.
ART SONG: Four contrasting songs from different historical periods, or a major song cycle.
CHAMBER MUSIC: One complete instrumental sonata or other major work from any historical period.
Little online information is available regarding the Doctor of Musical Arts in Collaborative Piano except for a short mention on the entrance auditions page, on which the audition requirements are listed as consisting of a program comparable to a full-length recital.

For more information on these programs, please be sure to fill out the graduate programs information request form.


Degree and Diploma Programs in Collaborative Piano


  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    More accompanying studies, less staff accompanists. You know what I mean ;)

  2. Anonymous3:50 PM

    This was the better schools. Others go more international students with assistantships (accompanying) - less, or NO staff accompanists.


  3. Anonymous commenter(s), clarify your comment(s). UCSB has CP programs at the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral levels. It's not my goal here to rate programs or comment on their use of staff accompanists. These are just links to programs. Facebook is a much better place for gossip.

  4. For clarification, and as the former department assistant to the DMA in collaborative piano at UCSB, I can assure you they DO NOT have a DMA in collaborative piano. After moving 3000 miles, dedicating a year of my life, and passing my doctoral qualifying recital, I was told (along with my 5 colleagues) that the program had been abolished.

    Thanks for the blog, but please remove UCSB from this list. :)

    Dexter R. Shepherd, MM, BS, BSN

  5. Sorry, I meant to ask that the DMA portion be removed from the UCSB list, not that UCSB be removed altogether. The undergraduate and masters programs remain valid.


  6. Thanks for the clarification, Dexter. The UCSB website no longer lists a DMA in collaborative piano.