Monday, June 29, 2009

July is Degree Programs Month

One of the most popular articles on this blog for the last three and a half years has been the listing of Degree Programs in Collaborative Piano. Now that my schedule has lightened up somewhat, I will finally have time to return to my long-term plan of creating links to program info for as many of the listed schools (95 at present) for which I can find accurate information.

For the month of July, I'll be focusing on finding and listing those links. Each school will have its own posting, linked from the degree programs list, and linking to all relevant pages on the school website. I'll be creating the posts and building links for the schools in alphabetical order as I work through them.


If you are an administrator or faculty member at a school with a degree program in collaborative piano and want to both 1) jump the alphabetical queue and 2) craft a better, more targeted posting for your school`s CP program, now is the time to contact me. If you write up a short article with relevant links, I can publish it right away as a guest post. Allison Gagnon, who previously wrote a guest post about the program at the North Carolina School of the Arts, has already recruited CPB readers into the NCSA program as a result of her initiative.

This project to create links to as many collaborative piano programs as possible is one of my top priorities at the moment, and if you run a collaborative piano program I would be more than glad to both feature your own introduction and drive interest in your program.

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