Monday, June 15, 2009

Career Options Updates

I'm now back home from a wonderful weekend at the VISI Collaborative Piano Conference at the University of British Columbia. At my Saturday workshop, I presented my list of Career Options in Collaborative Piano and received some fine input for additions to the list, including the following:

  • Dean has been added to the list of possible positions in Colleges and Universities.
  • Singers on Chorus Contract and Small Role Contract are not required to possess voice degrees in order to be hired, according to anecdotes from those present.
  • Under the Large Ensemble Category, I've added the "Fixer" in parentheses to the Contractor entry to reflect the UK term for that position.
  • In the Other category, I've added Pianist for Musical Groups in Armed Forces, according to information in this post from BG.
  • Official Competition Pianist and Official Symposium Pianist has been added to the Freelance category.
  • Arranger has been added in the Media category.
Thanks to everyone for their invaluable input during Saturday's workshop!

The complete list: Career Options in Collaborative Piano

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