Monday, June 01, 2009

7 Useful Resources for Identifying Intervals By Ear

This is the time of year when students are madly preparing for their upcoming Royal Conservatory exams. One of the staples of exams from Grades 2 through 10 are interval identification questions on the ear training component. Many students that have difficulty identifying intervals find it useful to associate melodies with different ascending and descending intervals. In case you're looking for a wide variety of tunes to go with every interval up to and including the octave, here are some places you can find answers:
Think you're a hot shot? Now take the online interval ear training quiz at Teoria Music Theory!

(NB: In case you're looking for a song that begins with that pesky descending minor seventh, I recommend listening to the first two notes of the main theme from The Price Is Right.)

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  1. Anonymous7:27 AM

    sweet - I just sent this link to all of my students!

  2. I, too, just sent this to all my students (via MTH's email all students & parents feature). Thanks Chris!

  3. Here's another one: . The Interval, Chord and Scale Ear Trainers are invaluable.

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