Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tapestry's The Shadow Premieres at the Berkeley Street Theatre Downstairs May 21-30

Tapestry New Opera's 08-09 season comes to an end this month with The Shadow, a collaboration between librettist Alex Poch-Golden and composer Omar Daniel. Featuring Carla Huhtanen, Peter McGillivray, Scott Balluz, Keith Klasse, and Theodore Baerg, The Shadow looks at love, pretension, debt, and deception in Barcelona's underworld. From Tapestry's press release:
How far would you go to get what you want? How far you would overextend yourself financially to grab the life you think you are entitled to live? Set in Barcelona at the turn of the twentieth century, The Shadow is a tale of intrigue, desire and deception. In this world premiere, writer Alex Poch-Goldin and composer Omar Daniel have created a world of duplicity in which a humble postman assumes the identity of a wealthy suitor to win a woman’s love. Determined to maintain the ruse at all costs, he is haunted by The Shadow as he spirals deeper into debt - an allegory for our time.

Raoul is a simple mailman desperate to be a more interesting person. He fantasizes about marrying the beautiful Allegra, the daughter of a wealthy gentleman on his mail route. In his daydream, he ‘wills’ himself into a dashing figure of the night -- Hernando tells Allegra that he is a wealthy fabric merchant and she is seduced. With a little ‘help’ from the local Don, Raoul succeeds in his transformation and successfully woos the beautiful Allegra. But when Raoul can’t pay back the Don, the mysterious Shadow begins to follow him. What will be the ultimate cost of Raoul’s greed and lies?

The Shadow plays at the Berkeley Street Theatre Downstairs on the following dates:

May 21 at 8pm (Press & Community Night)
May 22 at 8pm (World Premiere)
May 23 at 8pm
May 24 at 4pm (all regular tickets 50% off)
May 27 at 8pm (PWYC day of performance)
May 28 at 8pm
May 29 at 8pm
May 30 at 8pm

Tickets are available through the Canadian Stage CompanyTicketWeb, or by calling 416-368-3110.

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