Friday, May 29, 2009

Susan Tomes, Pianist and Writer

I received a very pleasant surprise this morning--an email from one of my favorite pianists, Susan Tomes, with whom until now I had never had the honor of corresponding. In case you're not yet familiar with Susan's work, she is a chamber pianist who has performed with a huge number of musicians, including the Domus Ensemble and the Florestan Trio (take a look at her extensive discography to get an idea of the breadth of her work). In addition, she has written two books, A Musician's Alphabet and Beyond the Notes : Journeys with Chamber Music, and is a regular contributor to the Guardian.

I was also very glad indeed to see that Susan also writes a blog, which can be found on the front page of her website (you can subscribe to her blog's RSS feed here). Recent articles include a trip to the art store to doctor a score for an upcoming Haydn concerto, some musings on an upside-down piano, experiences battling slugs, thoughts on the verticality of chamber music, and a mouth-watering photo of a hazelnut meringue with double cream and fresh raspberries.

Best of luck to Susan with both her upcoming performances and writing projects!

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  1. Great artist! i hope ca see her performing.