Thursday, May 28, 2009

Introducing The New Dilettante

The classical music social network Dilettante has just launched a major upgrade, and social media junkies might to check out this unique corner of the web. In addition to a more navigation-friendly design, the reworked Dilettante features expanded offerings of user-created content, music, discussions, and events. I would also like to welcome the many first-time visitors who arrived via the latest news section from the Collaborative Piano Blog article links.

It is said that the value of a social network rises exponentially with the number of people that utilize it, so if you value a separate social network devoted to the art of classical music, be sure to sign up right away, and check out my own Dilettante profile while you're at it.


  1. This Dilettante site looks great. It seems ambitious, and I mean that in a good way. News, reviews, forums, mp3s, blogs -- all classical-music-related. Wow.

    Sad to read about Kemble pianos, though.

    Kudos to those who developed the site. I may have to join. These social networking sites do get a bit addictive, though. ;)

    I always wonder when they will begin charging membership fees . . . maybe I shouldn't say that out loud, though.

  2. Anonymous4:09 AM

    I'm a member of Dilettante - and one of its current 'featured' members. The new site is terrific, and I wish them every success.

    I'm also part of the beta testing team for the new incarnation of MusBook, which will soft launch into a new phase very soon.

    Trust me when I say that if you love Dilettante, you'll want to sign up at MusBook, too.


  3. Thanks for your kind comments about the Phase 2 Dilettante site. Just to reassure you, Adrienne, we have no intention of charging membership fees. The last thing the classical world needs is yet another barrier to entry, and the whole (arguably utopian!) point of Dilettante is to help musicians find audiences and to help audiences discover music.

    Juliana / Dilettante

  4. I really enjoyed this and hope to see more soon.