Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Musical Theatre Blog Worth Following

Susan Eichhorn Young's new blog Once More With Feeling is off to a fine start, with lots of great articles for those of us who are working, or will soon be working in the performing arts. Should it hurt when I belt? looks at some of the technical particulars of the belt voice. Are you READY to audition for Music Theatre? has a useful shopping list of materials and attributes needed in the MT audition room. Above all, I appreciate the honesty of Building Craft/Building Business:
Let's face it - we have chosen a business where 95% of us are unemployed at any given time. Even in great economic times! So we will be out of work in this field a great deal over the course of our lifetimes. How do we "armour up" for that business side as artists?

I think, as hard as it is, we have to look at ourselves as product. We are selling something - so as the saying goes "what kind of ho will be you be today"? Sometimes it feels like that. However...

Business is NOT personal. Business is NOT emotional. Business is business. Find that side of you. GRAB IT! USE IT!

What are you selling? How do you want to be seen? SIMPLIFY if you can. Obviously many of us are rather complex creatures and therefore our talent is complex and can't always be put in a box - thank god - but that's what makes the business happy -
Best of luck to Susan on her blogging journey! And be sure to subscribe to the Once More With Feeling RSS feed for regular updates.

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