Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gigs: The Next Step

Brian Case's Freelance Switch article on 10 Simple Steps to Landing More Gigs has recently been food for thought. Here are some of his points that I find useful for pianists of the collaborative variety:
1. Keep a Polished Resume and Portfolio
7. Extend Your Reach Beyond Local Jobs
9. Don't Stop Hunting For Your Next Gig
10. Professionalism, Honesty, and Confidence.
#1 is important, as having your marketing info (whether it be business card, resume, or website) available can quickly introduce people to your background and specialties when meeting prospective clients. I also like #7 and #9, as thinking a step beyond your current engagements, especially in this difficult economy, can provide useful next steps for both expanding the geographic reach of what you do, as well as finding ways to get onto the next rung of the gig ladder.

Above all, I like #10, as having a reputation for those three qualities will go a long way towards allowing one to build social capital in the musical community. Pianists with good reputations are usually the first ones to get hired in any situation.

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