Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pianist vs. Page Turner

Liz Parker has just assembled some useful page turning tips for both pianist and turner at The Megaphone. For example, here is her take on the importance of pre-checking exactly what the last encore will be:
I once turned for Julius Drake, who was performing with baritone Gerald Finley. Julius was flipping back and forth between books, and not stacking “done” music on a pile on the left stand (something my brother Jamie always does); so I wasn’t sure when the concert was actually done. I forgot to check what the last song was. Since we agreed for me to stay out in between numbers, I panicked: when was the concert done? Do I go off? Do I stay out??? I couldn’t tell by the applause, either. Feeling a bit panicky, I gambled and stayed out. I felt awfully small and alone on the stage of Roy Thomson Hall, the whole world watching. Thankfully, they came back out, and Gerald introduced the encore. I exhaled. And the applause was enthusiastic enough that the encore was definitely warranted - it’s not like my presence forced it. But still!! So don’t make that mistake.
Be sure to check out Liz's page turning bio at the bottom of her article, in which I figure prominently. And be sure to leave comments for Liz with your funniest page turning stories, which she'll be compiling for a future article.

Victor Borge certainly knows how to interact with a page turner:

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  1. Thanks for the link, Chris! Do you remember that crazy Bashaw piece??? I think you accidentally smacked my boob as I was hovering over the keys and you were being all showy and virtuosic and stuff. LOL