Friday, March 13, 2009

Association Nationale des Metiers de l'Accompagnement Musicale

I've previously looked at ways that collaborative pianists have organized themselves regionally, including the Accompanists' Guild of South Australia and the Accompanists' Guild of New South Wales. Therefore, it was a very pleasant surprise indeed to learn of the Association National des metiers de l'Accompagnement Musicale, a French organization which translates literally as the "National Association of the Trade of Musical Accompaniment". 

ANMAM appears to be the largest of the professional collaborative organizations I've seen, covering a large number of companies, schools, and individuals operating in France. If you're looking into working or studying in France in the collaborative arts, the ANMAM site is your definitive resource, with news, history of the association, job listings, and programs on the site, to name only a few. If you're not too comfortable reading French, you can always use Google Language Tools or Babel Fish to translate a page into English.

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