Thursday, February 12, 2009

Call for Participants: Collaborative Piano Retreat at the Vancouver International Song Institute from June 10-17

Now in its third year, the Vancouver International Song Institute is once again offering a varied lineup of programs for pianists and singers scheduled to take place at the UBC School of Music. This year also features the Collaborative Piano Retreat from June 10-17, a unique opportunity for both students and professionals to study and network with some of the top pianists in the profession. From the VISI website:

Student participants partner with professional singers and are coached by internationally renowned collaborative pianists. The retreat features classes with Juilliard Professor MARGO GARRETT, CAMERON STOWE, J J PENNA, KEN GRIFFITHS and other VISI visiting pianists and scholars.

The course also includes lectures about poetry and song analysis with renowned scholars SIMA GODFREY and KEVIN MCNEILLY, courses in dramatic recitation, creative recital presentation, collaborative interaction, business practices, and diction. A performance of student pianists and professional singers will complete the course.

Possible overlap with the Theatre of Art Song program will be considered.
Professionals are also welcome:
Professional Collaborative Pianists are warmly invited to attend all lectures, masterclasses, and conversations for the entire week or on a drop-in basis with a particular focus on the weekend of June 12-14 for a professional meeting and celebration.
The cost of the retreat for student pianists is $700, and a professional participant pass is $200 for the entire 8-day program [Update: Rena sends word that you can pay $10 for a morning session, $20 for an afternoon session, and $50 for a weekend pass]. In case you're interested in applying, an online application form will be on the VISI website by February 20. Application requirements are already listed on the Collaborative Piano Retreat page, and you can check out payment information here. If you need more info, send an email to info [at] songinstitute dot ca. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks...


  1. Whoops...posted the same thing today without looking at your site...duh!

  2. No problem at all. Rena would be honored to see the both of us mentioning her wonderful program.