Saturday, December 13, 2008

Send a Free Ecard and Help Support Community Music Programs

In spite of the tough economic circumstances facing many companies, it's also an important time to remember the importance of arts education for those who need it most. Fidelity FutureStage is an initiative set up by Fidelity Investments to create musical experiences for students in public schools. From the Music Program page:
Working with the Boston Pops, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Houston Symphony, and LA Philharmonic, this program creates a unique educational opportunity that spans the school year and provides students with new opportunities to explore and expand their interest in music.

Students have an opportunity to participate in in-school and out-of-school activities, including:
  • instrument donations
  • field trips to symphony performances
  • mentoring by professionals
  • symphony musician demonstrations and performances
  • music composition instruction
  • opportunities for student ensembles to play in public forums
This Christmas, you have a unique chance to both connect with friends and family and support FutureStage's music education programs. Here's how it works: choose, customize, and send an ecard featuring music from either the Boston Pops, LA Philharmonic, Houston Symphony, or Chicago Symphony Orchestra. For each ecard you send, Fidelity Investments will donate $1 towards purchasing new instruments at participating schools in the city of the orchestra whose music was played in the ecard. So start circulating those ecards right away and help a young musician find their muse...

Send a Fidelity FutureStage ecard

(Thanks, Jonathan!)

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