Monday, November 24, 2008

Isaac Shepard's Before Dawn is the Soundtrack of Music Catch

Other classical music blogs might have more inbound links and traffic, but the Collaborative Piano Blog without doubt has the most awesome and committed readers, capable of the most amazing feats of detective work...

Thanks to Trevor Hewer (who coincidentally lives only a few blocks from me in Oakville), I got a huge heads-up on the identity of the mystery music (featured in a previous posting) from the addictive music game Music Catch. The music for the game is called Before Dawn and is written by Isaac Shepard, who also created the game itself. Here is the game, playable here on the site for those with Flash:

If you liked the music, you can also download and print Before Dawn for free, and here is the embedded score:

Isaac Shepard - Before Dawn

The music looks like it is at approximately the Grade 8 or 9 RCM level--the trickiest places are on the second page with the 16th-note passages and changes of tempo. Isaac Shepard's blog also links to a number of Before Dawn YouTube videos.

So relax and see if you can beat my current high score of 3,030,439, and then go spend a very pleasant hour or so learning the piece.


  1. LaDona11:54 AM

    You've got me hooked! My high score is around 2.9 million. The music is great - I printed it off and my children (teen-agers) were eagerly reading through it yesterday. What FUN!

  2. Thought I'd give it a whirl, and the game is great fun! I figure 3/4 of a million ain't bad for a first try.
    The games great, and the music and concept even better!!
    aka urbanflute