Friday, October 03, 2008

Accompanist-related Queries on Yahoo! Answers

A recent look through incoming search terms gleaned from my Sitemeter account yielded another hoard of information: people who ask questions about accompanist-related topics on the popular Yahoo! Answers site.  Here are some of the questions I found:


  1. Thanks, Chris - for gathering some relevant Q&A's from Yahoo! Answers. I've been directed to Yahoo at times when I've typed a question into the Google Search Box - but have never usually found the answers thorough, suitable or relevant.

    BUT the answers to some of the Accompanist-related queries here are surprisingly good and useful!

    I guess we don't need EXPERTS in the field to give a thoughtful and insightful answer - though an answer backed up by some good research would always be more dependable, and surely credible!

    Thanks again for your post, Chris!

  2. I dunno, Alex. Some of those Yahoo answers sound a little lame, so it would be good to have some of the pros that frequent these parts add answers to those questions with even more authority.