Friday, October 24, 2008

10 Posts in 10 Hours #7: Canadian and American Orchestral Websites Compared

One of the most professionally written and designed classical music blogs over the last few years has been Adaptistration by Drew McManus.  Those in the orchestral field should definitely check out his rankings of both American and Canadian orchestra websites.  Drew has done an incredible amount of analysis, taking into account elements such as ease of navigation, biographical information on musicians, as well as the ability of audiences to both book tickets and donate online. He has put together rankings from both countries to create comparisons between orchestral websites in both countries.  And guess what?  It doesn't look too good for those websites north of 49, with only two orchestras receiving a mark above a C+.  Spoiler alert: the three highest rated orchestral sites in North America are those from Chicago, Nashville, and Edmonton.

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  1. and what does a Collaborative Pianist have beside his computer to nosh on, while he's posting 10 in 10? Doritos? Kraft Cheese Slices? Peanut butter and jam?