Sunday, August 17, 2008

Insane Second Viennese School Commercial

Those of you enamored of Arnold Schoenberg and the Second Viennese School, and even those who are not may enjoy this parody from YouTube:

(Via the well tempered blog)


  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    I found this absolutely hilarious. And that's because I'm a music dork. I only wish my professors could have seen this when we were studying these composers and their works.

  2. Anonymous10:39 PM

    I've heard the 'audio' version of this long time ago but didn't know there is a 'video' version. Can anyone tell me if this was just created very recently? Pretty well done - I love the guest appearance of Igor!!!

  3. Anonymous1:51 PM

    That was so-o-o-o funny!!!! My mom should see that. When I was preparing to record some of my organ playing, I had Mom make some noise with the organ while I set the levels on the recording equipment. Since she doesn't play an instrument, she just made noise that sounded like atonal music! I said into the microphone, "This is Mom doing her impression of Schoenberg!!" If she saw this, she'd get the joke!